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When Your Life Is On The Line After A Drug Crimes Arrest

If you are arrested for allegedly using, selling or distributing drugs,
it is crucial to find an experienced criminal defense lawyer. A drug
crime conviction is a life-changing experience that can lead to
harsh consequences. Whether drugs were planted on your property
or a warrantless search led to an arrest, our attorneys can help.

When Guns Lead To Violence — And Serious Criminal Charges

An arrest in connection with a violent crime can begin in any number
of ways: as a case of mistaken identity, the result of a longstanding
vendetta or simple self-defense after finding yourself in the wrong
place at the wrong time. Our attorneys work tirelessly as we develop
a defense strategy in your favor.


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Chicago Criminal Defense Attorneys

Founding Partner

Tracey l. harkins

Tracey L. Harkins is a criminal defense
attorney helping clients move toward a
brighter future after a criminal accusation.
When your future is at risk, she is prepared
to advocate for you and secure a resolution
that upholds your best interests.

Founding Partner

Shelby prusak

Shelby Keisman Prusak brings 30 years
of criminal defense experience to your case
and fights relentlessly for you. She combines
compassion with tenacity as she delivers
tailored services to help her clients achieve
the resolution they need.


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