Criminal Defense

Criminal Defense

Aggressively Defending Your Interests In Chicago Criminal Courts

When an arrest on serious criminal charges happens, and the prospects for long-term imprisonment and heavy fines loom large, the only person who stands between you and a bleak future is the experienced, knowledgeable criminal defense attorney you need so desperately.

Prusak and Harkins, LLC fits that exact description — combining decades of trial experience and a widely recognized track record of success that gives credibility to your side of the story when you enter the courtroom.

Aggressively Defending Your Interests In Illinois State And Federal Courts

Respected Chicago criminal defense lawyers Shelby Keisman Prusak and Tracey Harkins can provide the advocacy that you or a loved one needs when facing serious charges such as:

Prusak and Harkins, LLC is well-known for exhaustive investigation of circumstances leading to an arrest, thorough case preparation, exposure of police procedures that violate suspects’ rights, skillful negotiations with prosecutors and forceful litigation techniques that persuade judges and juries to say “not guilty.”

We invite you to learn more by contacting us immediately to ensure that top-flight defense representation is in your corner as soon as possible.

Your initial consultation is free and can be scheduled right now at 312-226-0640 or by email message. We urge you not to speak to law enforcement until you have discussed your situation with us, at length and in confidence.

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