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Drug Charges

Are You Facing Serious Drug Charges In Greater Chicago?

If you have been arrested on a serious drug charge in Greater Chicago and your freedoms are at risk pending the outcome of a state or federal criminal trial, you need the most experienced defense representation you can find.

At Prusak and Harkins, we are ready to help — with aggressive advocacy that defends your interests and quality legal services that protect your rights.

Our criminal defense attorneys will use more than 45 years of experience to represent you after an arrest on charges of drug possession and delivery and during the investigation of your charges, negotiations with government lawyers and at trial before a judge and jury in state or federal court.

Our lawyers will fight hard for you when drug crime allegations such as cocaine, heroin, and marijuana possession or delivery threaten your freedoms. We know the uphill battle you are fighting — and will respond with tactics that counter prosecution strategies.

Chicago Drug Charge Defense Attorney Who Can Defend Your Interests In Illinois Courts

Were drugs planted on you or in your home or motor vehicle? Did a warrantless search by law enforcement lead to your arrest? Have you been subject to forfeiture of your assets? Prusak and Harkins, LLC is solidly in your corner throughout the legal process.

We know the punishments that await you upon conviction — a lengthy prison term, hefty fines, a record as a felon and strict conditions of probation or parole upon your release. This is why we will explore every avenue to safeguard your interests and push for a reduction or dismissal of charges.

Contact us today to arrange a free initial consultation if you were arrested on suspicion of possession, trafficking or sale and delivery of drugs such as marijuana, cocaine, heroin or methamphetamine. You should call 312-226-0640 or email our law offices for an appointment.

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