Nina Y.

Let’s face it, nobody wants to hire a criminal lawyer, but when you find yourself between a rock and a hard place, you’ll sure be glad to have Prusak on your side. I had 2 lawyers prior to having Shelby represent me, and remember both saying “I may be expensive, but I get the job done.”. Prusak was the only one that delivered. Wish I would have hired her from the beginning of my case.

Felicia A.

I was referred to Mrs Prusak by a family member who assured me that she was The Best…In the beginning Mrs Prusak and I hit it off well she was very professional as well as thorough about the case when it was time for trial she went in knowing that we would come out on top due to legalities she had to inform my son of his rights as well as what the state offered which wasnt to bad considering he had been in jail for 1 yr… My son chose to settle and I support his choice… But throughout it all Mrs Prusak knowing that I was a single parent never once complained about payments being late or missed as long as she was paid something and our line of communication was open we were honest sometimes brutally honest with one another I know Ms Prusak worked hard because she didn’t cut any corners even though my son made the choice to settle Mrs Prusak and I knew and still know to this day for a fact that WE WON THAT CASE… I support Mrs Prusak and if ever I need her again she would be my first choice…. Again Thank you Mrs Prusak… I COULDN’T HAVE PICKED A BETTER LAWYER

Angelica M.

She’s Awesome!!!

Ms Prusak was very diligent on my case. She’s very aggressive, outspoken, and Compassionate. She is hands down one of the best Female attorneys I know. I was very confident having her on my side. YES, she won my case..The outcome was NOT GUILTY on ALL counts!!..I will not go into detail of my charges, but if you’re looking for someone. Look no further. Ms. Prusak will definitely get the Job DONE!!

Ann O.

I just have to say that Mrs. Prusak is the best lawyer. She is trustworthy and she will fight to the end to win your case and get you the best results possible. Although I pray no one in my family ever get into trouble again, but if I ever need a criminal lawyer I would by all means hire Mrs. Prusak again. Hiring Mrs. Prusak will be a win, win situation!!!

Travis W.

Best Lawyer with Great personality & Great Energy & Very professional

Kolawole A.

Their law firm won a false allegation of sexual assault against me. As long as I believe that getting in trouble is not a good thing, but if you get into one or have someone, they are the best law firm to help you get a second chance in life.

James J.

Shelby and Tracy gave me my life back I was fighting a gun case with a background that wasn’t so good and I thought it was over for me but they pulled it off for me and and beat the case. They have been my lawyers every since and I recommend them to anybody I know and would recommend anybody reading this to hire them.

Krysteena D.

Mrs prusak has been representing my husband thomas for several months now. She is very punctual, and always stays on track, they have a very warm and carrying office the staff and other lawyers such as Tracys makes you feel very welcome. They are very reliable and dependable in every aspect.

Lakesia D.

Shelby and Tracy has worked on my son case for 2yrs, these 2 outstanding awesome and powerful ladies are the best they are very straight forward very punctual and head on with everything they will work with you through it all. Just wanna say thank you for beating my son case.

Niko D.

Prusak and Harkins, LLC, is the best, actually the greatest!! Shelby showed up to court ready to fight and boy did she. Her commitment and dedication to her clients is outstanding. She went above and beyond for me. Anyone in need of a criminal lawyer call her you will not regret it!!

Juan G.

Reasonable, Caring, Passionate for their work, and well educated are just a few words that describe this awesome Law Group!
Prusak and Harkins, LLC, a well organized law firm who is truly out to help the people. Ms Shelby and team are very knowledgeable on all aspects of the criminal courts.
My father was recently released from jail and found not guilty on a murder charge, due to the great work Prusak and Harkins, LLC did. Ms Shelby found flaws in the testimonies of witnesses and showed that my father was innocent of all charges.
Ms Shelby also worked with us on payments. As we all should know, any criminal case can get expensive, but Ms Shelby kept it as reasonable as possible. She even worked with us doing a payment plan we could afford.
Ms Shelby and Team also kept us updated throughout the entire process. They guided us on what was going to happen and how to proceed. I live in Florida and she made sure we felt comfortable moving forward every step in the case.
If you have any criminal case in the Illinois area, please don’t wait and call Prusak and Harkins, LLC. You won’t regret it. I know we didn’t.

Sandra F.

Shelby Prusak is a rare gem of an attorney! She is intelligent, experienced, respected — and GENUINE. I stumbled upon her while researching a Criminal defense attorney for a family member. I know that everyone thinks their case is rare and unique — but she is the truth! She took time to understand the details of the case… through tears she listened with a compassionate heart. She set realistic expectations and gave us worse case scenarios to prepare us. After receiving the discovery of evidence, she set a meeting up to gather more details and prepare her case. She was very responsive to calls, texts, messages — and informative every step of the way. She is professional, made time for all of our questions and broke down what was happening each step of the way. She was supportive to not only her client — but also the entire family of the client! Our case was resolved fairly, efficiently, and professionally. Tracey (her partner)stepped in a time or two — together they are a powerhouse! I cant say enough good things about Shelby and Prusak and Harkins, LLC — other than she a person you can trust. Thank you for all you have done!

Drew W.

Tracey Harkins and her team take there time to understand each clients situation and find the most favorable result. I encountered many imposter criminal defense attorneys that are just in the business for client fees and Tracey is definitely the real deal. I would highly recommend working with Tracey if you find yourself navigating the court system here in the Chicagoland area.

Capo J.

Tracy is a great lawyer she’s all about her client. She’s someone you can depend on trust and to make the best decisions for her clients. I highly recommend her to the ppl. Please don’t hesitate to call her she’s amazing in the courtroom

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